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1.  Remember your target audience.  What I mean by this is look at the title of the post E.G. 10 ways SMALL IRISH BUSINESSES can utilise Facebook and Twitter.  Whilst I got some great material on how to use these media, I would like to have seen some examples of Irish businesses currently using the strategies that you are proposing.

2.  Ban the words massive/massively from your vocabulary.  I know its a Corkism but these type of vague adjectives do not add anything to your argument.

3.  Statistics.  If you quote statistics please link to the sources of them.  Remember the old adage, lies, damn lies and statistics.

4.  Don’t begin a blog post telling people what you’ll be writing about, e.g. In this post I’ll be …………..

5. Use images to illustrate your points and also to break up lots of text.  Make your post easily scan read.

6.  Be European – avoid American slang and spelling – if it looks copied and pasted then it probably is.

7. Contextualise your links – I won’t click on a link if I don’t know what I’m going to get out of it.  Also don’t send me to source data that is out of date or from a source that is not credible.

8. No ugly urls please.

9. Spelling and grammar.  If you’re not a naturally good writer type your post in Word and correctly for spelling and grammar there – even better, have someone else read it and give you feedback.

10. READ READ READ…. the only way to become a good writer is to read good writers.  I can tell from reading some of your posts that some of you haven’t been reading other blogs.

11.  Keep writing, editing and rewriting.  Good content creation is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

Creating a Twitter widget on WordPress

Helpful advice from Brenda!

Brenda O'Driscoll PR

So I had a little trouble adding a functional Twitter Widget to my blog. I can’t be the only one, can I?

Just in case I’m not, here is some help on doing so! Widget in dashboard

1. Hover over drop down menu to the top left and click on Widgets.

2. Select the Twitter Feed Widget and drag it into the right hand bar to add it to you Blog.

3. Adjust your preferences, change the title and appearance if you wish. You can also decide on how many tweets you wish to display in the feed.

4. Before saving, you need to do one final thing to activate the feed; set up your Widget ID

5. To do so, click the hyperlink, ‘You need to create a widget at’

Widget ID

6. Once directed to this page, fill out the necessary details and hit Create Widget.

7. Now here…

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10 ways small Irish businesses can use Facebook and Twitter


The opportunities that social media affords a small Irish businesses are huge and can generally be taken advantage of with a very small budget. Here are some key points for businesses to remember when entering the Social Media world:

10. Suitability:

A small Irish business must first consider whether Facebook and Twitter are the right platforms for their enterprise, as highlighted in Lauren Indvik’s article where she shows some key points for businesses to account for. While Facebook and Twitter may be perfect to spread the profile of the likes a Beautician or a Hair Salon, a Funeral Home or Taxidermist may not reap the same benefits.

9. Offline hype generates online traffic:

Once a business decides to use the Social Media platform it’s essential to create traffic towards your page. This can be done through more traditional means by advertising the page with radio adverts or simply flyers and posters.

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Writing is a struggle against silence

This week you are faced with your first writing task on the masters programme.  For some of you it is probably a daunting task.  Some advice that you might want to follow:

  1. Take the title and do an outline of what you think the article should contain.
  2. Do some research on reputable source websites, mashable, forbes etc (see a full list on your module descriptor)
  3. Write…… this might sound obvious but some times the blank screen can be intimidating.  I suggest starting your writing in word before you post it online.
  5. Make your post visually appealing, use pictures, video links and remember to use links to source material – not long urls
  6. If you are really struggling ask a classmate or post a query on blackboard.

Best of luck,